DigiCine @ CineEurope 2020 

DigiCine is delighted to be exhibiting in the virtual world for this years CineEurope at booth 216. This is our 5th year of being at the largest European cinema exhibition. 
Please take a few moments to hear a welcome message from our CEO, Karl Anderson. 
Thank you for dropping in our "booth" I hope that you can find what you are looking for. My team and I would love to have a conversation with you about any operational pains that you may have to see if we can find a suitable solution for you. 
Please submit your contact details below and we'll reach out to you 
The DigiCine Digital Cinema Playback Solution offers exhibitors a premium, easy to use, software based SMS with flexible choices in capability, servers and configurations for new installations, upgrades and replacements, providing value today and in the future. 

Making the most of what you have 

Digital Cinema is constantly progressing, new immersive sound options, the entry of laser projectors, and now new potentially disruptive LED technology poised to be introduced to the market. If you've invested in digital cinema equipment which is still viable for years to come, do you really want to replace those Series 1 projectors providing value in your cinema? 
We think there are some benefits to being able to defer expensive projector decisions until the market offerings are more clearly understood. Our Series 1 solution is designed to replace those media players originally deployed with a feature rich DCI compliant solution that provides a new lease of life for the Series 1 projectors deployed and gives exhibitors a real alternative to the projector manufacturer's replacement strategy. 

Check out what a distinguished panel had to say on extending the life of projection equipment at last years' CinemaCon. 

System Solution 


Having been designed with the intention of being computer server vendor agnostic, DigiCine takes advantage of all the capabilities of commodity hardware components on a modular level. As your needs change, or technical capabilities improve, your media player configurations can be adapted, utilizing a consistent and proven overall infrastructure. For example, with Hot Swappable hard drives, media storage capacity can be increased simply by increasing the number or capacity of the hard drives in the server. Should there be a drive failure, this reduces the necessity of expensive call out charges or replacement servers. 
Our media players are fitted with hot-swappable data center grade hard drives. The common component of the DigiCine system is the server, where a range of options are available. 
Our most popular configuration comprises a lU SERVER with 4 TB of hot swappable media storage using data centre grade hard disks with raid 1 (mirroring) enabled on a Microsoft Windows 10 Operating system. 
Our ENTERPRISE CLASS SERVER is designed for those who wish to have higher levels of storage (up to 40TB), greater levels of redundancy, such as raid 5 (striping with parity) and dual power supplies and prefer a Windows Server based operating system. 
Our ENTERPRISE CLASS SERVER is designed for those who wish to have higher levels of storage (up to 40TB), greater levels of redundancy, such as raid 5 (striping with parity) and dual power supplies and prefer a Windows Server based operating system. 
Optional upgrades and accessories include: 
External CRU bay 
Operating system upgrade to Windows Server 
Automation control such as Integ Process Group's JNIOR range or the Advantech's ADAM range 
Standard warranty and support is for 1 year (but can be upgraded to five years for greater peace of mind) 
NB. Data Centre hard drives have a MTBF of 2m hours. 
Select either: 

Option 1: A 1u server with 4 tb of media storage (Raid 1) 

Option 2 A 3u server with up to 40tb of media storage (Raid 5) dual power supplies 

And then Select your Projector Type (Series 1 or Series 2) 

Option 1: Series 1 - DCinema Sleeve 

The DigiCine DCINEMA SLEEVE is a managed enclosure that houses a Series 2 capable 1MB for use with a Series 1 projector. The DCinema Sleeve allows the 1MB to be seated in an external enclosure and communicate with the Series 1 projector using DCI compliant methodology. DigiCine Series 1 utilizes the full functionality of the system DigiCine Series 1 with DCinema Sleeve is only limited by the inherent capabilities of the projector. This means that non-image Digital Cinema upgrades in audio, subtitling, metadata, DCP support and other operations etc, are fully supported. 
A Series 1 environment will have: 
Complete support for SMPTE DCP, including metadata functionality 
Subtitle rendering in the server, including 3D subtitles 
Closed caption support 
Audio channel mapping 
Support multi-channel audio- includes 16 channels of audio in all formats 

Option 2: Series 2 – IMB 

When you wish to upgrade the projector from Series 1 to 2, you simply remove the 1MB from the sleeve and install it into the Series 2 projector using the upgrade kit which includes the projector specific face plate assembly and we apply a firmware change remotely. You are now operating at full Series 2 capability. There is no need to buy a new media solution thus protecting your investment. 
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