Existing hardware being outpaced by standards? 

Digital Cinema is constantly progressing, new immersive sound options, the entry of laser projectors, and now new potentially disruptive LED technology poised to be introduced to the market. You invested in digital cinema equipment which is still viable for years to come. Do you really want to replace those Series 1 projectors providing value in your cinema? 
Are there some benefits to being able to defer expensive projector decisions until the market offerings are more clearly understood? 

What if we could extend the life of that Series 1 projector? 

To address this, we’ve launched our new media player backward compatible with Series 1 projectors.  
The DigiCine solution brings the functionality of features such as advanced integration with TMS, SMPTE DCP, and ATMOS support with your existing projector to your current Series 1 systems.  
With a DCI compliant solution, this will now extend the life of the estimated 17,000 plus Series 1 projectors in the field today. 
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