Movie Exhibitors are looking at ways that technology can help them reduce their operating costs or release their people to do more ‘value-add’ activities. 
What we hear are comments like: 
My existing TMS is too manual… There must be a more automated system out there? 
My staff needs to spend less time in the booth and more time creating a great guest experience. 
I wish I could see all of my theaters in one place 
I keep getting threatening letters from NATO and Studios saying “SMPTE Content is Coming, be prepared or you won’t get the content anymore.” What do I do? I need the content to keep up with the giant multi-plex across town. 
Is there a way to ingest all my in-theater advertising from a somewhere and pay someone else to manage it? 
Get in touch to find out how we can help on these and other operational issues affecting your business. 

Theater Command Center 

Digital Cinema Weekly Operations With Theatre Command Centre 

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