This latest version of the SMS software focusses on ITP (In Theatre Protocol) API updates and includes features and enhancements requested by our user group 
March 2020 is the first of two updates on the ITP API and included: 
A method to unload the currently selected playlist. 
Methods to support ATMOS KDMs and IMB-only KDMs. 
Methods to retrieve automation cue and macro names. 
Methods to fire automation cues and macros 
The second update due in May 2020 will further include: 
Amendments so that completed ingests remain available for an extended period of time. 
Add a method for reading the device time (IMB Security Manager clock). 
Add a method for jumping to a CPL offset, where the offset is based on a timecode. 
Add support for the FTP protocol for content ingest. 
Add more robust error handling for the retrieval of projector certificates. 
Add the ability to add/remove automation cues and macros. 
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