Lobby Automation 

Innovative ticketing, retail self-service and gate entry solutions 
What is going to increase is the opportunity for the technology to engage with customers in a way that a cashier cannot or will not, in terms of pushing upsell opportunities. At these kiosks, customers can be targeted with other suggestions, seeing you like popcorn and suggesting recommendations for you. 
The comparison between this new level of cinema automation is nothing new from what we have seen already in fast food or retail outlets that use technology. 
The rise of automated systems across the board in retail and the acceptance of the general public of this clearly shows the appetite is there, particularly in the younger demographic. 
Understanding the flow of when a patron arrives at the cinema will have a significant impact on the placement of equipment and hence the revenue implications which could be in the order of 30% 
Improve your customer experience and reduce costs through innovative ticketing, retail self-service and gate-entry hardware, software and consultancy solutions. 
On the surface, automation is the increase of technology and machinery across multiple processes. When applied to the cinema industry, automation helps to reduce costs, improve time efficiency and flow and ultimately create a better customer experience for visitors. 
Ticketing Solutions 
Click & Collect Retail 
Self-Service Retail 
Automated Gate Entry Systems 
Customer Flow Analytics 
Exhibitor’s margins are continually being squeezed with rental prices and staffing costs continually increasing, so it’s not surprising that Exhibitors will want to look at innovative ways of increasing revenue, minimising costs and getting staff to undertake more value- added activities. 
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